Daanbantayan is a 1st class municipality in the northern tip of Cebu, Philippines.

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  • Daanbantayan
    Daanbantayan The name Daanbantayan was derived from two words: the word "Daan" (which means "old" in the Cebuano language, and the word "Bantayan" which refers to a place that served as a lookout station for Moro raiders before the Spaniards obtained control of the Philippines.
  • Bayanihan Challenge
    Bayanihan Challenge When SuperTyphoon Yolanda made its landfall in the Philippines last Nov 8, hundreds of thousands of families experienced so much grief and loss, it was impossible for the rest of the world to turn a blind eye and not care. In the midst of this disaster, something deep was awakened – a desire to reach out and do something for complete strangers in need. Apathy was cracked, and the result was outpouring generosity as various nations found common ground in this desire to help. This inspired Gawad Kalinga, together with its partners in government and in the private sector, to organize a response with the scale a disaster like Yolanda beckoned.
  • Relax in Malapascua
    Relax in Malapascua Daanbantayan is now known for its pristine, white powder-like sandy beaches – one of which is Malapascua Island. With its vast and rich marine resources, it hosts a long string of dive sites offering unique marine life and beauty.
  • Daanbantayan Church
    Daanbantayan Church Sta. Rosa de Lima parish church - inaugurated on 10 April 1858 and finished in 1886. Its façade is still intact with its original design.
  • Haladaya
    Haladaya As a tourist destination, Daanbantayan stages the Haladaya Festival every year as an added attraction to local vacationists, holidaymakers, Filipino expatriates, and foreign tourists from as far North America, South America, and Europe.


Memorandum of Understanding SIGNING

Memorandum of Understanding SIGNING - LGU Daanbantayan and CeKO Solar - 19 October 2014

CeKO (Cebu KOrea) Solar will put up a 20 Megawatt SOLAR POWER PLANT in Barangay Tominjao. Target Date for Switching ON is October 2015.

National Peace Consciousness Month

September is a National Peace Consciousness Month. Everyone is enjoined to observe the essence of this noble cause.

Latest News and Updates

  • Model House from France-Philippines United Action and Habitat for Humanity Philippines

    The almost done Model House from France-Philippines United Action and Habitat for Humanity Philippines. This Project is situated in one of the barangays who filed a case against Mayor Corro (Sitio Cogon, Barangay Agujo, Daanbantayan, Cebu) and has a total of 75 units of Duplex Style Houses to be built and now under construction. Barangay Agujo was the first chosen barangay for the Relocation Project. Thank you to France-Philippines United Action and Habitat for Humanity Philippines! Read More
  • Cluster IV ALS (Alternative Learning System) Graduation Rites

    Cluster IV is composed of three municipalities in Northern Cebu namely San Remegio with Districts I and II, Medellin and Daanbantayan with Districts I and II. This graduation has a total of 85 graduates (4 graduates from Elementary and 81 graduates from Secondary). For the first time ever since ALS existed, Daanbantayan was chosen to host this momentous activity last May 6, 2014 at Barangay Malbago. Kudos to our organizers and implementors! Read More
  • Rizal and Datu Daya Parks Reconstruction

    Our gratefulness to these volunteers who are doing the reconstruction of our Rizal and Datu Daya Parks infront of our Municipal Hall. Other than that, they also put additional attraction like the playground intended for children for their mood boost once they will be roaming around the area soon enough. Thank you Springboard, Inc. and HOPE Worldwide Read More
  • USC-KNN, Inc. (University of San Carlos - Kapamilya Negosyo Na!)

    This activity was done last May 4, 2014 in coordination with the Municipal Agriculture Office. There were around 30 bancas were given to the selected beneficiaries by the USC-KNN, Inc., Cebu City. Thank you very much University of San Carlos - Kapamilya Negosyo Na! for making this possible. Read More
  • 8TH Coordination Meeting with Donors

    The Local Government Unit conducted again its 8th Coordination Meeting of Donors today, May 31, 2014. We are the only town now who's still conducting the said meeting and with that we were able to get positive feedbacks. As to donors, Daanbantayan is the most organized and well coordinated town in Northern Cebu. It has been 6 months and 23 days already since we were hit by ST Yolanda yet the assistance are still on-going. Thank you so much to our donors. Read More
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